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Making money with porn and related adult affiliate programs

Is a great opportunity for any open minded persons looking to make some good revenue. The adult business is one of the biggest and it is constantly growing. Estimates say that there are 30'000 new porn surfers each and every day!

Adult Affiliate Marketing

 When it comes to affiliate marketing the adult business is technologically advanced. The possibilities as a adult affiliate is endless. I will give you an idea now.

Creating your own porn sites with quality content can be done easily and perfectly legal with the help of free content that is acquireable from most affiliate programs. You can get stuff like free RSS feeds, picture / movie of the day, premade site reviews, movies and pictures.You can add lots of cool advertising to your sites like peeling ads, live strippers, msn messenger popups and much more.

If you dont want to spend the time or dont have the skills to make your own sites (which isnt much) or you just want to diversify your site portofolio you can create white label turnkey websites. These are sites that are ready made sites that can be used totally free and right out of the box. They are set up so that you can start earning at once. Start marketing and link building and bang you could have made a revenue generator for a lifetime.

So now you might be asking whats your share of the revenue from these kind of marketing.. Good news. Porn pays alot better then most other affiliate programs. You will be paid more then 50% lifetime revenue from all customers that yoou send through your links. And that is for the life of the customer. It's not unusual to refer people who stay members for several years! And at 10 - $29.99 / 2 per month that's alot of cash!

Webcam sites is very interesting. Webcam affiliate programs are the ones that currently is paying the most all around right now. You can get around $130 when your referral is buying he's first cam credit. Percentages for revenue share is usually a little lower then porn sites but that doesnt mean that you can't make the same amount of cash or more with it. Personally I always choose revenue share because it's just making me so much more money in the long run. If you send your referrals to a great webcam site you are likely that they will never look for another site and stay with it for life. How much is the average member spending in a lifetime you might be asking. And the answer is crystal clear - Fu**ing loads. I will get more into detailed stats later!

For more info and great adult affiliate programs please check out PornographyAffiliate.com

With the vast number of people that are looking for porn every day there is room for everybody in the adult webmaster world!

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