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Super Affiliate Marketing Tool - The Viral Report

By Michael Lee

Viral marketing products are powerful affiliate marketing tools that encourage affiliates to voluntarily pass them along to other people. These so-called super affiliate marketing tools often come in the form of software, ebooks, videos, or emails.

If you want to apply viral marketing to succeed in your affiliate promotions, you must have or create a viral marketing product that makes life easier, contains quality content or beneficial advice worth spreading around, or is controversial in nature.

There must be an incentive for people to pass your viral affiliate marketing tool along. People forward jokes or inspirational stories because they want to brighten someone else's day. Similarly, if your viral product is interesting, useful or can help solve certain problems, people will pass them to their friends; their friends will pass it to their friends, and the viral marketing campaign spreads like wildfire.

Some product owners have a ready-made brandable report for affiliates to share with others. This is good news since the affiliates don't need to create the viral product themselves.

Affiliates can include their affiliate links within the brandable report provided by the product owner. Aside from earning affiliate commissions every time someone buys from the affiliate link in the report, affiliates also get to give something that may positively affect people's lives.

If the brandable report also has the ability to include the affiliate's name and personal website, the more motivated the affiliate will be to pass the report to others.

If the product owner does not provide its affiliates with any brandable report, or if you want more viral products to pass along, you can browse any reputable article directory and gather articles related to the same topic as the affiliate product you're promoting.

Make sure that the article directory allows you to reprint or republish articles along with the resource box. If not, you have to ask permission from the authors first. Compile the articles in an organized manner and create a special report. You may arrange the articles in such a way that each article represents one chapter.

An attractive title is a necessity. People will never read your viral report if the title does not grab their attention or if it does not press any of their emotional buttons. If they don't read the report, it will not get passed around no matter how good the content is.

Remember to insert your affiliate links within the viral report. If possible, include testimonials towards the end of the report. If the product owner provides a brandable report for his affiliates to brand, and he did not include testimonials, ask him if he could put testimonials from his sales page in the viral report. Taking advantage of the power of social proof through testimonials is an effective marketing strategy.

If the viral report is from the product owner, it is most likely in pdf format already so you can already send them to your subscribers, friends, and contacts. However, if you've created it yourself, you may convert it into pdf format through the adobe website at https://createpdf.adobe.com/index.pl/

The viral report is one of the best affiliate marketing tools you can use to pre-sell people, since you're giving valuable information and not hard-selling. People will like you for sharing something worthwhile with them, and you get to earn affiliate commissions in the process. Very cool, isn't it?

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