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Affiliate Marketing Tracking Highlights the Most Profitable Programs

By Dustin Heath

As a home business owner and online marketer, you already know that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing options for making money online. However, using a method for affiliate marketing tracking can help you to better track your progress and determine those programs which are profitable and those which are not.

There is no reason to remain in a partnership with a business that is not making you money. This is why tracking can become so important; your time and energy should be focused on pursuing partnerships with the type of products which are contributing to your income substantially.

That being said, there are several ways in which you can track your affiliate marketing programs. Many software programs will include affiliate marketing tracking applications, making the entire process very automatic and user-friendly. If you are considering investing in a marketing software program, this may be an added benefit to actually purchasing the product for your business activities.

Some affiliate marketers will also simply design their own tracking system. However, this can become very complicated depending upon how many sites and affiliate products you are managing.

If you decide to create your own affiliate marketing tracking spreadsheet, there are several items you need to include. A simple spreadsheet is the best way to start your tracking, using a new sheet for each site, blog or forum you use as an affiliate marketing avenue.

Next, include each affiliate partnership used in each of these avenues, and assign them a name that makes sense to you. Depending upon how your affiliates pay you, you'll need to assign either a dollar or number amount to each program for a period you'll determine. This period may be measured daily, weekly or monthly, depending upon the traffic your site or blog is receiving.

You will also want to note any changes made to any of your sites or blogs, such as new article postings, new search engine ads or new marketing attempts. There must be a way to determine which marketing methods are most beneficial, and how they affect each of your affiliate programs.

At the end of each time period you include in your affiliate marketing tracking program, you should be able to determine the products which are selling to your visitors, which ones are not profitable, and whether specific changes to your sites affect the sales of each affiliate product. Using software or your own version of a tracking system will streamline your marketing efforts to focus on the most profitable activities and products for your business.

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