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Affiliate Wordpress Review Site

When someone is in the decision making process of an online purchase they often perform a search for reviews. This is the perfect time to capture a prospective buyer as they are already in the buying process & will most likely buy after visiting your site. But how can you quickly develop a review site to capitalize on hot trends in the market.


Search engines love Blogs, they index them quickly & rank them highly, so using Wordpress for a review site is the obvious solution.

If you have your own hosting creating a Wordpress site is a fast & simple process. Using Fantastico in your cpanel you can install Wordpress in a matter of minutes.

Although Wordpress comes with 2 basic themes & there are literally 1000’s of free themes available, none of them are optimized as review sites, without a theme specifically designed & optimized as a review site, you'll need to customize it yourself!

Unfortunately to do this need more than just a basic working knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Not many Internet Marketers have these skills so currently this is a very underdeveloped market. Thankfully there are a several options if you are considering, capitalizing on this opportunity.

 Wordpress Review Site Plugin - Turn WordPress Blogs into powerful review sites, easily create niche review sites on Wordpress Review site pluginvirtually anything — review products, services, websites, restaurants, hotels, credit cards, virtually anything you can think of. Create a complete affiliate review site, or add star ratings into your existing blog theme.


Review Plugin For Wordpress -Includes the ability to add scraped content into  Review plugin for Wordpressyour Blog with reviews! Using this technique you can quickly & easily develop a directory style site from any .CSV data. Add your ratings & you are instantly an authority site on your chosen Niche.



Wordpress Review Themes - For a quick site already designed and optimized as Wordpress Review Themea Wordpress review blog you may also want to consider Review Templates. Pre-configured Wordpress review templates are already available for several Niche Markets however a new header is required for alternate markets.



Whichever solution you choose Wordpress review sites will give you the ability to quickly respond to changes in the market & offer motivated buyers the products they want.