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Blogs are about the easiest type of website to set-up & monetize.

If your site concept is compatible with a Blog then your off & running.

If you want to make life as easy as possible then it is recommended you use fantastico to install your blog. If you have followed my recommendation for a web host then you have a host that offers Cpanel.

In Cpanel you will see an icon for Fantastico...


When you click on Fantastico you will gain access to what is probably the best feature in Cpanel -

Automatic Script Installation

For a Newbie this a godsend.

For now we are not interested in anything but the Blog scripts, Wordpress is by far the most supported & is the one you should install.

  • Click on Wordpress, then New Installation
  • Choose the site you want to install the blog on & choose the directory you want it in.

I suggest you install your blog in a blog directory this will leave your main site free for another site in the future but that is up to you. The "blog" directory should not exist & will be automatically created.

Insert any login information you want & a nickname (your posts in your blog will be posted by this nickname so you may want Admin or your name)

Click Install - Wordpress is automatically installed on your site & a database is created - The final screen will ask you if you want the installation details emailing to you. Enter your email so you have a record of your login info.

Now go to your site www.yoursite.com or www.yoursite.com/blog

You now have a very basic Wordpress Blog to access your wordpress admin pages go to blog/wp-login.php enter your admin name & password & your ready to start writing your blog.

The reason I recommended a wordpress blog is that wordpress is so well supported with plugins & themes that allow you to seamlessly integrate a store, Adsense, adverts & many other features.

Don't be daunted by the Admin Panel. I have assembled a collection of Wordpress Tutorial Videos that will show you exactly what plugins to install & how to set-up your Blog.

Note:- Due to a recent Wordpress Update the layout of your admin panel may not match some of the videos. This is only a layout issue, the controls & settings outlined in the videos are still the same.

Wordpress Tutorials - Get All for 1 Low Price

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