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Follow These Tips When Buying Domain Names For Your Business

By Sean R Horton

If you have a business that needs to get online or improve your online presence you will need a domain name. Domain names are unique and no two may ever be the same. However, to protect your company online it is vital to do just a few simple things.

Register your company domain name Lets say your business name is "Bananas Online". You may feel that you just need to register bananasonline.com. But what if someone else registers bananasonline.co.uk or bananasonline.net how would you feel then? Domains aren't particularly expensive so make sure your business is protected by buying the various domain name extensions to cover yourself. Other businesses are not allowed to pretend to be you but they could receive some of your potential customers just by owning a similar domain name. Register plural and single variations of your name. In our example above, someone could easily type in bananaonline.com instead of bananasonline.com. Wouldn't it be better if you owned that domain name and then redirect customers to your website to secure the business? With domain names it is important to think laterally and consider:

  • How can my name be misspelled?
  • Are there plural or singular versions of my domain name?
  • How does my domain name sound over the telephone?
  • Is my domain name very similar to an existing one?

Buying domain names is not expensive and you should be looking to secure your company's reputation online. Buy many different variations of your name to secure them. There are many individuals who look to register misspelled names so they can benefit from advertising on their websites, don't let your company get caught in this trap.

Once you have registered your domain names you should choose the very best one to represent your company online. Use this domain name exclusively on your company stationery, emails and any advertising. You do not want to confuse potential customers by providing them with more than one website address. If a domain name that you want is already registered you may be able to buy this from the current owner. Find their contact details and approach them to see if this is possible. You may also wish to consider registering generic domain names that relate to your business or the services or products you offer. Again, this is really just for added protection although some businesses have been successful in establishing mini websites that work alongside their main website. This also allows you to have additional search listings for selected keywords.

Once you own your preferred domain names make sure you renew them when they fall due. Ensure the email account they are registered to is always working and does not move the email as spam. If you were to forget to register a domain name it eventually goes back in the public domain for anyone to buy and register. Most of the very best domains are registered within seconds of becoming available.

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