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Definitions of the Words & Abbreviations related to Website Design & E-Commerce Marketing

When learning a new skill it is very easy to get confused with all the new technical jargon & terminology, internet marketing is no different.

Don't let a few technical terms scare you off.

Here are a few of the most common terms;

Affiliate - A person rewarded a fixed price or a percentage of the sale, for sending buyers to a merchants website.

Analytics - A breakdown of your websites traffic patterns.

Backlinks - Links on other websites that connect to yours - Very important for SEO & Traffic

Black Hat - Techniques that are employed on & off websites to deceive the Search Engines & temporarily receive higher serp rankings. (Not Recommended)

Bounce - Visitors who enter & exit the same page within a specified period,

Browser - Windows Explorer, Firefox - Computer software that displays HTML.

E-Commerce - Is buying and selling of information, products or services online.

Favicon - Small (16px x 16px) Icon or Gif picture displayed in the browsers address bar, browser tabs & in favorites & bookmark folders.

Hosting - All websites are just a number of files stored on a computer (server) which is connected to the internet. To display your site on the internet you need to store your sites files on a hosts server, you do this by renting file space.

HREF - (Hypertext REFerence) HTML code used to link to another url
Example href <a href="site-connect.com">Site Connect</a>

Html - (HyperText Markup Language) Coding Language that controls how items on your website will be displayed on a web browser (Internet Explorer / Firefox )

Index - When a browser looks at folders on a server it will first connect & display any file named index. Links to other site pages are made from the index page. If there is no index page in a folder it will display the folders structure just like pressing         (windows "e" ) on your computer.

Indexed - Search engine has found your site & is listing it in their database.

Joint Venture - It is common practise for marketers to promote other internet marketers products to their own lists. Joint Ventures with other marketers are a fast way to build your own list & earn additional income.

Keyword - Word or words that best describe your sites content, i.e. Affiliate, Affiliate Tutorials. Long Tail Keyword - Affiliate training for Newbies

Links - (Hyperlink) Text or pictures that you click on that send you to a different page. Internal Links - Connect to pages in your site, Outbound Links - Connect to pages on a different website, Inbound Links - Links on a different site that connect to yours.

PHP - Is not an abbreviation, it is a scripting language used to make things happen on a website. PHP scripts are used to redirect, provide text animation & display forms.

Ping - Automatic notification of the search engines of a change on your site.

PPC - Pay Per Click Advertisments, Displayed on web pages & Search Results

Redirect - A way of sending a visitor to a web address different to the one entered.

Script - Code that will perform specific functions when displayed on a browser, anything from displaying forms to dancing text.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - How your site is viewed by search engines (Google) SEO is effected by site content & Inbound Links. 

SERP - Search Engine Results Page

Traffic - The amount of people that visit your site

White Hat - Legitamate techniques used to gain better serp positions - On & Off site SEO.