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Time for a Website Appraisal - 
Domain Value Calculator

Author: Stephen Watson

When was the last time you had a website appraisal done? Or have you ever had any type of a valuation of your website done at all? Have you ever tried to determine the valuation of your website by using a domain value calculator?

It has been a well-known fact that many domains have sold in the millions. Often it is speculated that a certain domain name is just worth a lot of money, and there have been a few instances where there was some truth to that. However, the real value of a domain name comes from the website traffic, links, advertising, revenues, and finally familiarity by the public. Websites that become common household names, such as Amazon.com, Yahoo.com, Myspace.com. Other domains that have sold in the millions include wine.com which sold for $3.3 million, wallstreet.com a nice 1.03 million, autos.com a revving $2.2 million and who would have ever thought that Korea.com would land a whopping $5 million?

It was the websites that made those domains sell. They all had lots of traffic, lots of advertising and marketing, and of course this resulted in tons of traffic. There are thousands of websites out there that have terrific advertising and marketing programs that are probably worth much more than their owners even realize. Conversely, there are probably hundreds upon hundreds of website owners who think their website is much more valuable than a website value calculator would show.

You never really know the true valuation of websites unless you take a few minutes to do the homework. Today, this homework is easily done.

To get a website appraisal done, just use a website value calculator. This can be located on the web just by searching for website value calculator. With this calculator, the valuation of websites is determined by a number of factors: the amount of traffic coming to the site, the Alexa Traffic Ranking, the Page Rank, and the Backlink Report to name a few examples.

Don’t try to determine a valuation of the website with just one website value calculator. Go to a few to get a more comprehensive picture. One of the really nice things about the website value calculators is they will tell you what actions you can take to make your website more valuable.

Some of them will also tell you if there are issues preventing spidering by robots. Common recommendations to improve website valuation will include independent advertising, affiliate marketing, and text link advertising. Another nice feature of most website value calculators is that as a part of the report they generate, they’ll give you an idea of how much more money you could be making when you implement their recommendations.

And of course all this information ultimately will improve the overall value of your website.

Since valuation of websites is so much more important than most people realize, it is very important to use the website value calculator on a routine basis especially if you are also implementing the recommendations to get an improved website appraisal.

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