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Free to Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Networks are by far the biggest source of free to join affiliate programs. Although there is a cross over between the Networks they generally concentrate on either Physical or Digital products.

Physical Products

These networks also offer Digital Products, Pay Per Click & Pay Per Lead promotions but are primarily Physical Pay Per Sale Networks.

Share a Sale - My personal favorite - "Share a Sale" may not have the Major Vendors that Commission Junction has but what it does have is much better.
"Niche Sites" ShareaSale has lower Vendor costs so it appeals to smaller merchants with niche websites. There are 2 MAJOR ADVANTAGES promoting smaller sites.

1/ Higher Commissions - To appeal to Affiliates many of the small sites listed in Share a Sale offer more than double the commissions of the major vendors in CJ.

2/ Less Competition - Surprisingly i am not referring to the other Affiliates but to the Vendors themselves. Yes there are less affiliates on ShareaSale than CJ but it is the strength of the vendor that most interests me. Try to outrank Bestbuy good luck! Smaller sites are generally poorly promoted & have weak SEO, making it relatively easy to outrank them for their own Keyword Terms.

Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing Network - CJ is the Grand Daddy of all Affiliate Networks.

LinkShare  - Another great source of products to promote.

ClixGalore - More International Free to Join Affiliate Programs

Digital Products 

ClickBank - The Internet Marketer's Affiliate Network All Digital Products with immediate download after payment.

Regnow - Huge selection of Application Software to promote, Anti Virus to MP4 - Regnow even offers a free custom site builder to showcase the software

Rocket Profit - includes all of the hottest offers on the web, as well as a wide array of exclusive, proprietary deals such as Ringtone.com, GatorArcade, PrizeAmerica, Imatchup and Paid Surveys Unlimited.

I strongly suggest you investigate & join, all the networks offering free to join affiliate programs. You will be amazed at just how many products you can promote & rank well for with a little bit of work!