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5 Step List Building System

By JaMina M EnGram

Have you been trying to build an email list with very little or no luck? Maybe you have no idea how to go about starting to build an email list. For those of you wondering what an email list is and what it's for, it's simply a list of individuals that have giving you their email address requesting some sort of valuable information from you.

Any good internet marketer can tell you the value and importance of highly targeted email list. With a list of highly targeted subscribers, you are now building a strong foundation for a very successful online information business. You now have a highly targeted list of subscribers who are requesting that you send them information about a particular subject. This list can be used to drive traffic to your website or your affiliate's website where you can sell products or services to them. This can earn you a very substantial income if done properly.

I hope that now you see the importance and value of building a subscribers list. There are however, some very important things you should know about your list of subscriber. You must always give them very valuable information.

For example if you have a website on 'How to Train you Rottweiler' you must be sure you are giving them information on training their Rottweiler and not just sending them to your affiliate sites to purchase things so you can get a commission. The people on your email list are not stupid, they will quickly realized that the emails you send them have very little or no valuable information and you're only trying to make money off of them. These emails will just be deleted and never opened.

People get tons of emails everyday so you must always give your list tons of information so they will enjoy opening your emails every time they see them in their mailbox. They will come to trust you for very valuable information on the subject and will trust the products and services you recommend to them.

Here is a 5 Step List Building System

1. Offer them something of value

People don't want to just give you their email list and with all the spam that goes on, they have a very good reason not too. Most people go online to communicate, learn, or find out about information on a subject and this is what you have to address. You must offer them high quality very valuable information, which will give them a reason to opt in to your email list. You can offer them a short eBook, or an online course, which can both be a series of very informative articles you've written.

2. Place your opt in box so they can see it

Don't hide your opt in box somewhere on the bottom of your website. Make it easy for your website visitors to find it. It's what's 'above the fold', which is what you see when you first come onto a website without scrolling down, that's the most important part of the website. Most people don't like to scroll unless there is something of value 'above the fold' that entices them to do so. The most ideal place for an opt in newsletter is the top left side of a website. You can also have a pop-up just as they are about to leave your website asking if they would like to receive your newsletter or valuable ezine.

3. Assure them that their information is private

It's very important that you assure them that their information will only be used for what they are signing up for. Remember if this is the first time they are visiting your website, they don't know you therefore they don't trust you and they will be very hesitant to just give their information to a complete stranger. Place a small privacy notice next to your email sign up box stating, "Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell or disclose the information that you provide us with."

4. Don't ask for too much information

People don't like giving out personal information, especially if they don't know you. Your opt in box should only ask for their email address and that's all. People are very hesitant to give out more information about themselves when you don't have their trust yet.

5. Offer them different choices

Everyone will not want the same type of information so offer them different reasons to sign up. You can offer a free informative eBook or a special article or even a very important must have product list which you can use to promote your affiliates. Give your potential subscribers choices by creating a sign up box with a check list so they can subscribe to the information they wish to receive.

This type of marketing is called 'market segmentation' meaning you're meeting the needs of many different sectors of your market, which is a good, sound sales practice that will cause your email list to grow. People like being given a choice, and will remember you positively for it.

JaMina M. EnGram is a web owner and internet marketer. For other very interesting information on internet marketing please visit Work At Home Forever

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