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Make Affiliate Sales Without Website

If your thinking of trying to make some money online then Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start.

The most common misconception is that you need a website to make money online & that’s just not the case. A website helps but is certainly not a prerequisite.

So how do you go about making money online with or without a website?

First & foremost you need to identify a field or “Niche” that has people looking to buy products, commonly referred to as motivated buyers. Then break that Niche down into smaller more targeted niches, these smaller niches will have much lower competition than the original niche you thought of.

For example - Acne - Obviously people searching the term Acne are looking for a solution & are highly motivated buyers, however the term Acne will have so much competition that it will be very hard to get noticed.

So think about what people may search for when they have Acne?

Here’s a couple of ideas - Skin Type, Age, Cover-Up / Makeup, Scar, Pregnant, body / face. So instead of just throwing up a webpage, blog post or Squidoo lens, targeting “Acne Cure” with just a little more thought you can target a specific sub niche Acne Solutions for Oily Skin, or Safe Acne treatment for Pregnant Women. These sub-niches are much easier to rank higher for & still bring these very motivated buyers.

But you don’t have a product to sell! If you don’t have a website your options for joining allot of affiliate networks & programs are limited, unfortunately they require a home site URL for approval. However you do still have options, first perform a search on Google for your term. The ads are what interests you not the search results. Many of the ads will be Affiliate promotions so click on the ads & see if the vendor is running an affiliate program. The program link is usually at the bottom of the page “Affiliates”, “Partners” etc. join the site that has the most compelling sales copy. Although many of these sites may ask for a URL most will be set to auto approve new affiliates so if you have a Facebook page or Twitter account use that. If you can’t find a suitable product then promoting an information product may be a possibility, Clickbank, has 1,000’s of information products you can promote for very healthy commissions.

Ok so now you have a Niche & a product so how do you promote it?

My personal favorite is Yahoo Answers! Why? Because it already has high traffic, page rank & posts are almost instantaneously crawled by the search engines.

Create several Yahoo accounts & post a question using your “niche search term” subsequently answer your own question using different accounts inserting your affiliate links into your answers, finally vote your own answer #1. You are using the page ranking of Yahoo Answers to boost your affiliate link & the post will appear in the search results for many of the major search engines.