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Membership Sites

 Membership sites are a great way to establish recurring income. But you need to remember your members are looking for value for money so retaining your sign-ups is critical to your success whatever your niche keep your members happy with valuable information, products or services.

 Another twist to Membership sites are "free membership sites" these are really nothing more than glorified squeeze pages & are used as an incentive for someone to enter their details.

Although there is no direct income from someone joining you have their details & if they signed up you know they are interested in that field. A good set of autoresponder emails will convert your new member into a customer.

Creating a membership site

By far the easiest method of building a membership site is with software designed to do exactly that.

If you haven't come across MemberSpeed yet i suggest you have a look. Memberspeed is a Feature pecked, client and content management system that gives you the power to manage your entire online business from a single, centralize control panel.

If you only want to integrate a members area into an existing site then Memberspeed is not exactly what your looking for & you may be more interested in JV Manager.

 JV Manager offers complete;

  • Member 
  • Sales 
  • Customer 
  • Affiliate 
  • Joint Venture Management 

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 Here are Just some of the features;

JV Manager CheckMark Package and Product Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Universal Payment manage
JV Manager CheckMark Download Manager and URL Protector
JV Manager CheckMark Sales Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Refund Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Joint Venture (JV) Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Charity Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Affiliate Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator 
JV Manager CheckMark Autoresponder Manager
JV Manager CheckMark Template Driven
JV Manager CheckMark Multi-Lingual
JV Manager CheckMark And More...

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