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PLR Websites

 Plug-In Private Label Right websites can be found in any # of markets.

PLR websites are downloadable websites that come already configured to promote & in some cases even deliver the product.

Resale Rights

 In many cases it is far easier buying Resale Rights to an existing product than to create your own products from scratch, Resale Right products usually come with professionally designed sales pages. The only action on your part is to modify the payment button add your details & upload to your site via ftp.

I am very happy to be able to offer Free Resale Right Memberships to;

SurefireWealth - Free Silver Membership ($147.00 Value)

Resell Rights Mastery - Free Gold Membership ($197.00 Value)

Elite Secrets - Free Basic Membership ($97.00 Value)

Marketing Club Bronze - Free Bronze Membership ($97.00 Value)

Run your own membership site;

Lazy Membership - Run your own membership site on Autopilot

You will also find some sites offering memberships to obtain resale rights to their products. The benefit of these memberships depends totally on the quality of the products & the amount of memberships. High quality products with low competition is often worth the cost of membership.

Recommended Membership

Software Club Gold - Even I belong to this one!

Affiliate White Label Sites

Some larger sites offer their affiliates websites or subdomains to promote their products on.

 Beware of subdomain sites as you will be just one of many affiliates with very similar sites & your chances of getting free search engine traffic are close to zero. If the main site allows you to host your own site this is by far the best option & I suggest you take it.

Some merchants offering pre-built sites;

Anastasia Date   - White Lable Dating Site

Nationwide Card Services - Credit Cards

Credit Land - Credit Cards

Classy Wear - Lingerie DropShip Site

U Sell Corp - Pre built very professional - Ready to go Websites