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Product Review Websites

Product Review Websites are one of the easiest types of website to build & maintain.

Buyers will generally research a product before buying - Hence review sites.

  If you ever thought Review Sites were impartial though "THINK AGAIN"

A simple review site compares a minimum of 3 products, it provides

  • A short review or description of the products on the category page. 
  • A longer review or description on a details page. 
  • More information or buy now links - these are your affiliate links. 

You control what is reviewed, how well its reviewed, & its position on the page.

Not very impartial but very profitable.

You also have the option to make your site dynamic by adding visitor comments. (which you control)

Types of review sites:

  1. Pre-Developed professional templates. 
  2. Single Market - Review Items or services relating to one product 
  3. Multi Market - Reviews of Products & services from multiple markets 


 There are a number of membership sites offering professionally designed review pages some even with video - Just plug in your Affiliate ID & Promote your review pages via forums, articles, PPC, You Tube, Squidoo Lenses, Yahoo Answers in fact any where you can think that people will be looking for information on the subject of your review.

Pre-Developed review pages are VERY compelling, they are written by Review Site Templatesprofessional script writers & designed by skilled web designers. If you don't have a specific idea for a site this is a great place to start.

If you are interested in a Quick Start then this is probably the solution for you. You instantly get very professional high converting sites with video.

Concentrate your time on directing traffic to your site. This technique is Highly recommended for Newbie's - Presell Templates

 Single Market

 There are two ways to develop single market affiliate review sites;

1/ Authority Review Site - With an authority review site you are the reviewer, you may already be an authority on a subject, & know the pro's & cons of various products & services within that subject. If that is the case then an authority single market review site is the perfect choice.

Beware  If you choose yourself as the single source of information (No Visitor Comments) you need a way of adding content, I won't go too far into SEO here but the search engines want new content, if your site is stagnant it will spike in the search engines when it is new & then slowly fall to obscurity.

A great way of keeping the search engines on your side is to write & post articles about the subject you are reviewing. You could develop your own site from the ground up but I would strongly recommend..

  Review Foundry  "Affiliate Review Site Software"

Review Site EbookThis Software gives you all the features you will need to design, develop, market & Seo your own Authority site on any subject you choose. You can even have a Community Review Blog backend!

As a bonus you also get a very detailed Ebook explaining Affiliate Review Site Marketing in much greater detail than I am here.

If you are considering your own authority review website this is a great place to start.

2/ Community Review Site - With a community review site the majority of your content is contributed by your visitors, you create the original reviews with your affiliate links as the redirects & your visitors comment on their experiences with those services.

These sites can be quite hard to get going because you need visitors to generate content & you need content to get the search engines to send you visitors. - A little bit of a catch 22, I would suggest you create a # of free email accounts & write a comment or two a day under different pseudonyms until the search engines catch on.

One way of doing this is with an Wordpress Review Plugin / Template, Blogs have many benefits in comparison to regular sites, least of which is when a comment is made the search engines are automatically pinged, which brings their spiders rushing over to see what is going on.

 This quickly gets your site indexed & depending on your content ranked for your keywords.

Multi Market

 I left this for last because it is by far the hardest to get off the ground. If you 5 Star Affiliate Review Scriptcan get a Multi Market affiliate review site going the potential is practically unlimited just take a look at Cnet.com. I would strongly recommend you limit your ambitions to a specific field, this way you will get a more targeted audience. "Software Reviews" "Photography Reviews" "Supplement Reviews" etc. Although these are field specific they are such large fields you can subdivide into multiple categories. If you build your website using sub-domains your main domain could be www."Something"ReviewSite.com & your sub domains would be www.Software."Something"ReviewSite.com etc. You can use your main domain to list your various sub domains & add on new sub domains as you develop them.

This is a lot of work & not recommended for newbie's, however if you are determined to develop a Multi Market Affiliate Review Site I would recommend starting with 5 Star Software.