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Scripts are used to display interactive or dynamic items on sales & squeeze pages.

You can do so much more with Power Effect scripts - Display your Images & Video in Light Boxes - More Info

These scripts are cut & paste however many installed programs require the full path to a file or directory. The full path to a directory is not the files url but its location within your web hosting account.
To get the full path to a directory I have attached a full path file. Simply download & extract the file then upload to the directory you require the full path to.
In your browser enter the url of the full path file you uploaded & the full path will be displayed.

Here are some other dynamic scripts just cut & paste the codes to add dynamic features to your webpages

Add a countdown timer to inspire immediate action or a date to make your page appear current.

Just copy the code & use on your site.

Time & Date

Paste the script where you want time and date to appear


 Paste the script where you want  time and Date to appear



 Paste the script where you want Date to appear


Countdown Timer   

 Paste the script where you want countdown timer to appear


 Digital Clock 

 Paste the script where you want Digital Clock to appear


Button Clock

 Paste the script where you want Button Clock to appear


Wavey Text

 Paste the script where you want Wavey Text to appear


Timed Redirect

 Paste the script between the head & body tags


Rotate Images

 Paste the script between the body tags



Print Page

 Paste the script where you want Print Button to appear