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Sell Domain Name for Fortune - 3 Proven Factors

By Chess McDoogle

For one to sell domain name with profit in mind, they must learn what adds the most value to their property. One must also view their domain name as a piece of virtual real estate. The value will depend on the popularity of the name, the extension of the name, and the length of the name. You’ll be able to obtain success in the sell domain name game if at least two of these three aspects are met.

1. The popularity. If you want to sell domain name for profit you should find a name that has a certain amount of popularity attached with it. Be it a trend, a technology, something or someone famous, or a popular catch-phrase. Many believe all the good domain name are unavailable. But this is where the sell domain name popularity factor comes into play. There are always new trends emerging, new people becoming famous, and new phrases being coined. Having a young relative around the age of 13-17 would be a great way to research up and coming trends or phrases being used which you can then turn around and obtain, then sell domain name once the trend becomes more mainstream.

2. The extension of the name. When one wants to sell domain name for profit, the first thing they should look for is the extension. That is .com, .net, .org, and so forth. The most popular and profitable is .com. Both .net and .org are arguably equal, though some feel .net to be the second most profitable to sell domain name. Other extensions include .info, .biz, .us, and newer one’s seem to be emerging as well. The bottom line seems to be that many of these are “unproven” to be profitable to sell domain with. While it’s important to keep an eye on promising profitable extensions, for now the extension of .com is still the king, with the fallbacks of .net and .org. next in line.

3. The length of the domain name is important as well. In real estate, usually the larger the property, the more valuable. In virtual real estate, the shorter the name is the more profitable avenue to pursue in the sell domain name game. Think of yourself in crowded Manhattan. With all those small properties selling for a fortune, the virtual world is like a crowded Manhattan. Shoot for short terms, try to avoid long phrases and try not utilizing dashes in your sell domain name venture.

The sell domain name game can be an incredibly profitable business to get into it. Especially if your keen on coming trends and technologies, as well as all things famous.

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