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 Marketing Emails are both a curse & a blessing.

The curse - If your not organized they will fill your inbox in a heartbeat.

The blessing - They are filled with information & ideas

So lets turn them into a blessing;

Create a free account at Yahoo or MSN

 When you submit links to directories use the free account. Most of the Spam Email you will receive comes from link directories. Anytime you are unsure what email to use use this one.

DON'T use this email when signing up for affiliate programs, Services or with any purchases you make. 

The first thing you are going to do is register a domain name & sign-up for a hosting account when you do you need to use the email address that you check the most.

Once you have a domain & hosting you can then make your own email addresses.

In your Cpannel you will see -

Cpannel Email

Email Accounts - Depending on your hosting, you can probably create 100's of email addresses.

It is a good idea to create;

signups@yourdomain.com, purchases@yourdomain.com, memberships@yourdomain.com, admin@yourdomain.com

I think you get the idea. this will separate the emails you receive by category & priority.

Next use forwarders to redirect to your normal email address.

Final step - Turn on & Configure Spam Assassin, you can blacklist or whitelist any email address, I would also suggest setting spam assassin to spam box, this setting sends all mail marked as spam to a holding box. This way you can check the emails marked as spam & change your settings if required.


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