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How to start an online business

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 Focus & Motivation - Finish what you start!

You won't make any money if you don't finish!

Have a plan & see it through, Whatever your project it needs breaking down into easy to accomplish sections. Set targets for yourself & schedule your time & thouroughly complete each task in sequence.

Success takes time & effort, yes there are ready built sites, I even give you one on the home page. But even with HyperVRE you will need to -

  1. Watch the Tutorial Videos
  2. Choose your keyword's
  3. Find Content - Articles or write Original content
  4. Find & sign-up for affiliate programs that match your content
  5. Add you Adsense & Affiliate Links
  6. Market the site

Plan your time to complete the steps, remember every site you make requires marketing, no traffic = no money.

Distractions come in all varieties but they must be overcome. Staying focused on the task at hand & seeing it through to completion is the secret of success in any profession.

I am not going to delve into the self help market but if this is a problem for you I suggest you read "The Dna of Success"

As you progress through the process of website building & monetization you are going to register at various sites. Once registered you are on someone's autoresponder list, & you will be receiving follow-up emails.

These emails are from fellow marketer's & give you a very good insight as to what is going on, but they can easily send you off in a completely different direction. Save those ideas for your next website, resist the temptation to persue it now, and stay focused on what YOU are doing.

If you complete a website targeted at a popular market, that has original content, & gives value to its customers it will make you money.

Fine tune that site with good SEO techniques, market & promote it correctly, & it will make you allot of money.

Congratulations you have taken the time to read this rather long "start here" page. You have already demonstrated that you can stay on task, so go ahead & get started - Choose a Premium Domain Name.



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