E-Commerce Newbie

How to start an online business

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Start your E-Commerce Business the right way
Newbie Mistakes will Cost -  Time & Money!

Please read this page thoroughly before jumping in with both feet!


Sorry its the boring bit first, but it does save both time & money.

As in any business you are going to be purchasing supplies, products, services, & joining mailing lists.

If you don't stay organized your computer is going to be full of un-returnable expensive junk & your email inbox is going to be full of spam!

However these issues are easily addressed by preparing your computer for what you are doing;

  1. Create a project folder on your desktop. Right Click-New-Folder 
  2. Create 4 Sub-Folders & name them - Receipts, Passwords, Site & Downloads, plus another Sub-Folder in Downloads named Pictures.
  3. Make sure your bowser is set to ask where to download. Tools-Options 
  4. Place an empty notepad in all the folders- Start-All Programs-Accessories-Notepad. Now save in a folder - Repeat for all folders.

That wasn't so hard - I recommend you make additional sub folders as required, always putting a notepad in the folder. Now you just need to be regimented in using your folder structure.

If you buy something download it to the downloads folder & extract it into a new folder in downloads. Copy the receipt & paste it into the notepad. If you join something record your login & Password plus the access url in the password notepad. I think you get the idea.

I follow this process & also use the software "Affiliate Organizer" its very handy but not essential. X-Site Pro website builder also has an Affiliate Wizard feature to store your affiliate information & URL's.

If you don't use software to store all your affiliate info you will need to create another folder named affiliate programs.

Access to your affiliate details is critical ..

Why? Because occasionally you won't find exactly what you are looking for in the major network directories, however you may find a site you like running its own program. It is critical you stay on top of these independent sites, many don't check their affiliate sales very often & you will have to chase them for payment. Without good records you won't know where to start.


 This valuable bonus is the one you give yourself - For being organized.

In April you have all the information you need to claim your deductions.

Yes even if your not a business yet, you can still deduct your expenses.

Hosting, Office Supplies, Software & more..

I will be writing a section on Tax & Incorporation shortly.

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