E-Commerce Newbie

How to start an online business


The type of E-Commerce website you choose to build will vary drastically depending upon your target audience & type of monetization.

By now you have chosen a domain name & know what market you are looking to  promote into.

What you might not know yet is just how you are going to promote to that market.

If you are a brick & mortar shop its obvious you want a web store, for everyone else there are a number options...

To save an awful lot of reading i am making each of these their own page, feel free to jump ahead to your site of choice or read them all & make an educated decision on how to best monetize your market of choice.

I am not going to mention it on every page but it is essential that whatever type of site you choose you start an optin list. I will go into this in much greater detail in another section, but without a list you are throwing money away. I recommend you read my blog post Affiliate Marketing Tutorial