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Create Websites without Knowing Html

 If you are not already aware most web hosts offer website building software & content management website builders Free.
 Check your Host account Cpanel they may have a builder included there - this is true of Hostgator, if not look for a link for Fantastico in your Cpanel.

 Fantastico is an auto installer for many types of website builders, Blogs, Forums & Content Management sites. If your site is intended as more of a hobby than a business then these scripts are more than adequate & a good place to get your feet wet.

 If you are serious about building an E-Commerce business then you may well incorporate some of Fantasticos features into your site, but as with most free things, the site scripts will not have the features you require as you develop your Main Web Site.

 If you are looking for Easy to use Web Site Building Software that you will grow into, not out of, then you will want to review my following recommendations.

  XSite Pro

 Xsitepro is the website builder of choice for many Internet Marketers. This versatile software comes pre installed with numerous templates to create  multiple styles of website.  No Html Required!

XSite Pro

· Graphical Templates
· Stylish Templates
· Sales Letter Templates
· Plain Templates
· User Created Templates

 XSite Pro has far too many design features to list here, I can vouch for it, this site was built using Xsite. Watch the XSitePro Demo Video to see the power of Xsite for yourself.

Content Management Systems - CMS

CMS website construction is browser based & interactive, unlike Standard Static sites that are developed on PC's & then uploaded via FTP. 

CMS sites are desirable if your content is updated regularly & are the site of choice for larger companies & corporations. If you are intending on developing a constantly evolving site or company site edited by several people then CMS website building software is recommended. Again No Html Required


Interspire Website Publisher is a content management system which makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain fully functional websites.

Interspire CMS

  •  Completely browser based
  •  Drag and drop layout customization
  •  Multiple user accounts & groups
  •  Dozens of website templates included
  •  YouTube video embed support
  •  Flexible allow/deny permissions

 As with Xsite Pro, Interspire has far too many features to outline here, before you buy any Web Site Building Software i strongly recommend you investigate the best solution for you Static Web Site or Content Management Site.  

Still unsure what a Content Management Site is Watch The Video

Professional Custom Website Designs

 If you are not interested in designing your own website then a Professional Website Designer may be a better fit.

Pricing on custom website or print designs can vary wildly dependent upon the projects requirements.

I'm recommending a  London-based freelancer I know who produces very high-quality internet and print designs -  http://www.nw1design.com