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Website Promotion Techniques

 Website Promotion is essential if you wish to generate traffic to your site, you won't see any financial returns on your efforts if people can't find your site.

 After all the hard work of setting up and writing a website it is crazy that most people fail at this step. Site promotion may not be the most glamorous part, but it is the Online Marketing part!

 So far you have been a Researcher, Site Designer, & Copy Writer, now its time to become an Internet Marketer!

 I am going to outline here some of the most basic, & easy to follow White Hat website promotional techniques & resources. I am not a believer in Black Hat techniques the short term benefits they may offer, will cause you long term penalties from the search engines.

Web 2.0 Social Networking for traffic

Millions of people now use social networking sites on a regular basis, & they are a great source of free traffic. However Social networking takes time, joining sites like Facebook, Myspace, & Twitter creating accounts joining groups, building a rapport with your contacts & friends is slow but the results can be almost viral, your contacts recommending to theirs & so on.

Social networking for traffic should be pursued but consider it complimentary to the other techniques i will cover, join these sites now & get started, post as frequently as possible but remember you need to build relationships on these sites not just bombard people with links.

Social Bookmarking

 This is one of the easiest promotional techniques & brings almost instant returns.

These are some of the top Bookmarking services available. Get an account at each of them & bookmark your sites pages. Don't bombard the services with all your pages at once or it will be flagged for spamming, mix it up a little submit pages from your favorite sites ;)"Hint" & slowly list your own.

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 Topic related forums are an absolute goldmine for targeted traffic. As a side bonus they are full of great information you can use.

 Most forums allow signatures although a posting minimum may be required before hyperlink's are permitted but some not. Make a habit of going straight to your profile when you login for the first time. Add a signature & avatar a goofy avatar helps get your posts extra attention.

A common mistake in signatures is to just put the sites name or straight url in the signature - don't miss this opportunity to give yourself a text back link. Hyperlink your keywords & add the sites name.

i.e. How to Start an Online Business  - E-CommerceNewbies.com

 In this way you get a quality keyword text link from an authority site. If there is a post requirement for hyperlinking you can still use the example above without the link until you achieve the required posts - You will get people copying & pasting the web address.

Follow the forums rules & post as frequently as possible remember everyone on the forum is interested in your field so the more exposure you get the better.


AHHH!!! As you can see I don't like writing articles 
However article marketing it is by far the easiest way to give your site QUALITY back links & generate traffic. If you don't promote your site using articles you are missing an opportunity. If you are unsure just how to write a good article you can always have someone write articles for you it costs anywhere between $3 - $10 for each article.

Write informative articles about your niche using your keywords in the title & throughout the content of the article - remember you need to leave the reader wanting more, so they will click on your signature link or if permitted article body.

Tip; In competitive markets it is sometimes better to promote your article than your site. Seems strange but remember, your article is already on a well respected & indexed site, so linking to your article will have faster results in the search engines than linking to your site.

Now write a short article & submit it to the - Top 25 Article Directories

Take your Article Marketing to the next level -

With My Article Network & Unique Article Wizard

There is no secret to website promotion the name of the game is to have as many websites as possible pointing to your site.

Unfortunately its not as easy as just blasting out your URL using website submission software. The search engines are not stupid they give quality scores to the links they find.

The benefit of any one back link is dependant on several factors.

  • Page Rank of the page the link is on.
  • How many Links are on the page
  • Context of website to links keywords
  • Position of your link on the page
  • Text used in the link
  • Uniqueness of web page content.

There are certainly more ranking factors than these but it gives you an idea why directories & "link pages" are not as beneficial as they once were.

So how do you get your keyword targeted back links on ranked pages?

Unique Articles

Why unique? Put simply if the search engines find 2 pages the same they will drop one & keep the other. Therefore your article will have limited exposure from the search engines even if it is picked up & republished by other sites.

 Unique versions of the same article overcome this fundamental problem, your articles will remain indexed & continue to provide search engine traffic & page rank value.

 Creating & submitting hundreds of unique articles is a daunting prospect to say the least & I advise against using automated article spinners. Spun articles invariably end up reading like English is your third language, at best they will not be accepted by many Article Directories & stand no chance of being republished by other webmaster's.

This is where My Article Network or The Unique Article Wizard come into play.

Rather than have spinning software change words & phrases within your articles making them practically illegible, both of these resources require you to create several alternative options for sentences or paragraphs while writing your articles.

Yes it is more work but the outcome is almost limitless READABLE & unique variations.  

Once written your Unique Articles are automatically submitted to hundreds of Article directories & blogs, because each article is unique they will withstand the duplicate content filters & the keyword rich back links will continue to provide search engine traffic & page rank value.

My Article Network - Harness the power of Blogs!

The search engines love blogs & rush over to have a look whenever a new post is submitted.
If you are going to spend the time or money writing articles you definitely want to give them as much exposure as possible.
This is where My Article Network comes in, yes its a paid service but you have direct access to 10,000 blogs in all markets. Post your article in "My Article Network" & it will be drip fed to 100's of theme related blogs giving your site exposure, traffic & quality back links. 
Use the networks articles on your own Blogs for quality automatic content that keeps the search engines returning again & again.

FYI - I only recommend services that i use.

Unique Article Wizard - Harness the Power of Article Directories & Blogs!

If you really want to put your Article promotion into high gear then Unique Article Wizard is the membership you need.

Again it comes at a price but the features you get with UAW are unparalleled, unlike Article Network that currently just feeds blogs, UAW feeds the Articles to both Article Directories & Blogs.

Not only do you get a unique version of your article sent out to the directories, if someone likes your article &  wishes to republish they can also get their very own unique version.

(If you are considering an Adsense Article website, Directories offering this feature are a great source of material) Journalands - Free Journal Articles is one such resource. 

 RSS - XML Feeds

Submit your websites XML feed to feed directories. 

Feed directories will list your feed just like any other website directory, with one major difference, other websites may well use your feed for free changing content this provides you with topic related back links & free traffic.
If your website software does not automatically generate a feed you can create one yourself - Create XML Feed  
Once you have your XML/RSS Feed URL, submit it to the Top RSS Feed Directories. Free RSS Submitter